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AI Illuminated

We are working to bridge the growing gap in AI education.

Our Mission

• To better prepare the young generation to face an increasingly challenging and complex society in the world of artificial intelligence and big data.

• To create effective support for students to have a successful pathway to careers in science, computer science, engineering, math and AI.

Our Solutions

We have created many products and services to achieve our mission.

AI Classes

Machine Learning for K-12 students

We introduce valuable AI concepts through a series of project-based coding and machine learning courses. We begin with Scratch for young students and transition to Python and big data sets for later grade levels.

Web Platform

AI models in a few easy steps

The AI Code 101® platform is AI-enabled and built on a cloud-based foundation for our current and future smart products. Our platform gives students opportunities to build data-based Machine Learning models.


Self help and personal tutor

We built a smart AI chatbot system to act as a virtual assistant which helps potential instructors and parents to learn AI models as well as to allow students to learn independently.

Smart Devices

Customizable AI-powered hardware

To better support AI education, a series of physical devices are necessary for students to practice their Al application skills. Our devices integrate with our web platform to further enhance the learning experience.

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